Provine Studios has been serving schools and parents for 75 years.  The first studio was founded in Alexandria, LA in 1946.   From the early days of black and white photography, to the advancement of color portraits, and now to the use of sophisticated computerized equipment, Provine has helped guide schools and youth organizations to smooth picture day experiences.  By capturing the beautiful smiles of young people, Provine has created smiles among teachers, coaches, and parents.  A great portrait should create smiles well beyond picture day.  For 75 years, Provine has operated to that belief.

Good Portraits should create smiles well beyond picture day. This belief drives everything we do.   We believe:

*  Booking a photography company for your school, youth sports league, dance studio, or organization should be simple, hassle free, and a seamless process.

*  Picture day should be efficient so that participants can get back to class or practice quickly.

*  Photographers should be detail oriented while working quickly to correct anything in the image that may be unflattering or distracting . 

*  The delivery process should be timely and accurate.

*  The final print or product should create a smile every time it's viewed. 

*  We are here to serve and guide administrators through an enjoyable picture day, experience.   We also serve young people and their families by creating images that they will be proud of.

About Provine Studios

Privacy Policy

Provine School Pictures, L.L.C. is a privately owned and operated photography company. We provide various photography services to schools, businesses, and individuals throughout the United States. These services include, but are not limited to, printed and digital photographs and related photographic keepsakes/gifts, service items for schools such as yearbook CDs, record rolls, and administrative CDs, as well as services for various fundraising events.

Privacy Statement and Policy

Provine School Pictures is committed to protecting each person's fundamental right to privacy. We strive to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction and value the trust our customers place with us. Where reasonably necessary and useful in our business, we may collect and use nonpublic information about our customers such as billing and shipping information, credit card information, and checking account information in order to process orders and provide an exceptional customer experience. We do not store credit card or checking account information past authorizing a purchase. All personal information is protected by secure server software and will never be sold, traded, or rented to third parties.

Disclosure of Information

In order to provide service items such as administration and yearbook CDs, certain information must be transferred from the customer (i.e. school) to Provine School Pictures. This information is typically student or faculty first name, last name, teacher, grade, and student ID in the form of a electronic data file. This data file is transferred electronically via private email, where once received, a combination of safeguards are put in place to prevent unauthorized access to it. The handling and manipulation of all data is overseen by Provine's IT Specialist. The information included in this data file may also be used by our photographic laboratory in the creation of said products and/or services, however this is not a sale, trade, or rent of information. Information used to create these data files are purged annually, when they are no longer needed to create products required by clients.

Secure Site

We maintain procedures designed to ensure the security of your information. All personal, credit card and banking information is transmitted online using industry standard security measures known as SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. We are committed to adopt new technological improvements that will allow us to further ensure this security. In the event of a breach of information, Provine will 1.) identify the breach, 2.) identify any compromised information, 3.) take necessary measures to eliminate vulnerabilities to threats/attacks, and 4.) notify any affected clients. For more information, please contact us at 318-442-9484 or email us at